Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BlackBerry in Healthcare

More and more doctors are checking their e-mail on the go. Traditionally, they've relied on the Palm Treo. However, many have recently switched to the iPhone and even more and now going with a BlackBerry.

So what role will the BlackBerry play in the healthcare sector? The Palm OS is dying, unless the Palm Pre really takes off and recaptures dedicated users. Windows Mobile is still a dominant platform for healthcare professionals. The iPhone has been a bit hit among medical students, residents, and recent grads. Where will the BlackBerry fit into all of this?

Since these devices all have internet connectivity, the need for a standalone application is diminishing. All you need is a web portal that is optimized for mobile browsing. Once you make that available, then you can look up medical information without installing an application. Will that be the future trend?

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