Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beta testing Windows 7 Build 7000

Now that anyone can download Windows 7 (build 7000), I'm very eager to see if Microsoft will use this public testing ground to develop a really robust operating system. I run both XP and Vista on many of my computers. I try to use Vista on all my touch-screen/tablet devices. However, I think Windows 7 will be a significant improvement over Vista.

The big question for me is: will Apple release a tablet computer this year? If so, will it run OS X? Presumably the answer is yes to both questions. If that's the case, then the demand for such a device may be extremely high, especially if it's coupled with a very user-friendly EHR application. After all, the iPhone and iPod touch are both so easy to navigate and operate. That's probably why so many PC users are switching to Apple.

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