Monday, January 19, 2009

Airport Technology

Airports are getting more and more sophisticated for mobile technology. I see more devices than ever before: smartphone, iPhone, BlackBerry, PDA, Treo, etc. Windows Mobile, Palm OS, RIM, and iPhone.

I expect to see lots of netbooks by the middle of this year. Right now, I just see tons of people using Macs. I'm the only one in my terminal sitting out here with a tablet PC. Everyone else has a mobile device or an Apple. I don't see a single netbook here.

Once more airlines offer Wi-Fi, I think we'll see more netbooks on the airplanes. It's so difficult to use a full-sized laptop on an airplane if the person in front of you reclines. Since I use a tablet, I can quickly take the PC and pull out my stylus to continue working if I run out of tray space.

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