Sunday, July 20, 2008

Namesake: Dr. Joseph Kim

Stumbled upon an interesting website the other day. This isn't me, but I thought he was interesting (another namesake).

Doctor Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim, PhD
Assistant Professor
Pedagogy Research Lab

Research Interests: Technology, blended learning environments, educational psychology, scholarship of teaching and learning. I have been formally trained as a psychopharmacologist in the lab of Shep Siegel (McMaster) and as a Systems Neuroscientist in the labs of Howard Fields and Jennifer Whistler (Gallo Center, UCSF). There are many interesting parallels in understanding principles of learning and conditioning which apply to understanding problems in pedagogy. In addition, I am interested at the exciting possibilities of incorporating relevant techniques from across psychology and neuroscience to study problems in pedagogy.


  1. this is funny..this is "our" prof. your talking about and i thought ive stumbled across his website. Small world. =)

  2. It is a really small world with many people named Joe Kim.