Monday, July 21, 2008

1.8" mobile hard drives

Not all 1.8" hard drives are the same. Many UMPC and mini notebooks use a 1.8" hard drive.

Manufacturers include: Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, and a few others.

People often get confused when they start looking at the different connectors on these tiny drives.

The Hitachi TravelStar 1.8" drives are used on Sony and Thinkpad laptops, among other machines. These drives have pins sticking out and don't seem to be as popular anymore.

Older 1.8" drives use a 50-pin connector. My old Sony Vaio T-series and my Fujitsu Lifebook p1610 uses this type of drive.

Most 1.8" drives now use the LIF/ZIF connector with a PATA interface. My OQO and Samsung Q1 use this type of hard drive.

Even newer 1.8" drives use a SATA interface and have a totally different connector. Plus, the SATA drives spin at 5400 RPM instead of the slower 4200 RPM.

Do you know what type of hard drive is in your iPod?

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