Thursday, June 26, 2008

Panasonic Handheld Toughbook CF-U1

What do you get if you put the OQO on some anabolic steroids and give it all-weather and shock protection? The Panasonic Handheld Toughbook CF-U1. Unlike the OQO, this device utilizes a touch-screen monitor and has a slightly bulkier build.

Panasonic has been making the Toughbook line for a while now, and these machines see some serious abuse and keep going. Well, for clinicians in serious field conditions, this machine may be a lifesaving device. It's probably the first UMPC that has the capability to undergo some serious abuse, but for $2,500, I'd get a robust service plan.


  1. are you sure about that?

    berto xxx

  2. Since it's got an integrated barcode reader, camera, and RFID, this device looks pretty different than an OQO. The OQO is more of a personal productivity tool, whereas this appears designed at least somewhat with healthcare in mind...