Thursday, April 24, 2008

Switch to Verizon XV6800

I've been a Verizon Wireless customer for many years now. I've also been a Windows Mobile user since the days of the old Pocket PC and Windows CE devices. I went ahead and upgraded to the new XV6800 and I'm happy so far.

Here are the main reasons why.

Compared to the old Treo 700wx running Windows Mobile 5:

1. I can save $15 each month for a cheaper unlimited data plan ($29 instead of $45).
2. I've loaded a custom ROM that includes Windows Mobile 6.1 and this gives me much better Internet browsing capabilities and several other useful features. Want to know how I did it? See below.
3. Much faster processor.
4. Much more internal RAM.
5. Larger screen.
6. Built-in GPS (only available if you load the custom ROM described below)
7. Bigger, better keyboard.
8. Smaller size and no antenna sticking out (not by much, but it still counts).
9. Mini-USB connector and charger.
10. Bluetooth 2.0 vs. the older 1.2

Those are the top 10 reasons why I went for this upgrade.

So what do I miss about my old Treo 700wx? I miss the one-handed operation. I could hold that phone and press the keyboard buttons using one hand. Now with the XV6800, to type on the keyboard, I really need to use two thumbs. Also, the Treo seemed to have better screen visibility outdoors.

So how did I load the custom ROM for the XV6800? I will refer you to these sites:

I'm currently running the DCD 2.3.2 ROM for Verizon. The instructions may seem a bit complex, but you just have to have some faith and go for it! It reminds me of the old days when Compaq would release ROM updates for the old iPaq 3600 models. Some of those ROM updating attempts would 'brick' the iPaq and turn it into a dead paperweight.

To get the internal GPS to work (only works with custom ROMs):

1. Go to Settings -> Phone - then click on the Services tab -> Location Setting and set to "Location On"
2. Allow Windows to manage the GPS automatically
3. For Google Maps, set the GPS settings to be set by Windows (not manually to a specific COM port)
4. For Windows Live Search, set the GPS to "GPS Intermediate Driver" at the bottom of the list.

To learn more about using the GPS on this phone, take a look at this:


  1. Hey there bud.. You said if anyone had questions about their XV6800 to post here. Well I wanted to install the GPS onto my phone, I did it all successfully but for some reason, could not reactivate my phone. I installed the Titan_Relocker and am now stuck officially on the boot loader screen. I have tried using exit_bootloader but it says I have no USB connection. What can I do.. I'm pretty desperate.. email would be best if you could.. I appreciate it in advanced if you have any help ful suggestions at

  2. Joe,

    I did the upgrade but my GPS thinks i'm in north carolina. Any thoughts?

  3. My email for the previous comment is

  4. Make sure you've done the following:

    1. Go to Settings -> Phone - then click on the Services tab -> Location Setting and set to "Location On"
    2. Allow Windows to manage the GPS automatically
    3. For Google Maps, set the GPS settings to be set by Windows (not manually to a specific COM port)
    4. For Windows Live Search, set the GPS to "GPS Intermediate Driver" at the bottom of the list.

    Then, install GPS viewer and make sure you're getting proper signals.

    When using Google Maps, see how many GPS satellites you have. If it says (0), then you're not getting a reliable signal. This is true, even if you see the blinking dot.

  5. I'm curious, how do you get unlimited data plan for $29? by corporate discount?

  6. Verizon Wireless now offers a $29 data plan for select phones. Fortunately, the XV6800 is one of them.

  7. Cool. Thanks for letting me ... verizon did not tell me that.

  8. I saw your comment on the page for adding GPS to xv6800. my question is that the VZW stock rom had Modem Link for tethering a laptop to the phone and using the phone as a modem. However, DCD 2.3.2 does not have modem link. is there a way to tether the phone to a laptop with DCD 2.3.2?

  9. Hey, thanks for the links...very helpful.

    I flashed the new SPL, Radio, and ROM according to the walkthrough. I believe I got the GPS to work, but my phone had to be reprogrammed to get service. I then got scared and relocked my phone with Verizon stock OEM ROM, radio, and SPL. After reprogramming the phone (#22899), the data did not work. I called verizon tech, and they had to reset the A-Key for me to finally receive data. I believe I did a hard reset at one point in fear of "Almighty Verizon" as well.

    Is this normal for any time you flash a new ROM or is there some step I missed? I can give you a better description of everything I did if you need it as well.

  10. Hi -

    Does anyone know how to get the battery icon back at the top after doing this? Or how to get the little communications icons at the bottom of the screen?


  11. You do need to reset the A-key after flashing the radio.

    Here's what I do to make it easier:

    I log in to My Account and activate an old phone (with my xv6800 phone #) and switch my service to an old phone I have laying around.

    I flash my radio ROM on my xv6800, then I switch my service back to my xv6800 and activate the xv6800.

    This seems to be the easiest method for me. No need to call Verizon, no resetting A-keys, etc.

  12. Switching phones is a brilliant idea. That should make things much easier in case I run into any problems. Hopefully I will have a more positive experience the second time around. I appreciate the help.

  13. OK - I figured out how to get the battery indicator back...

    Does anyone know a way to get this plugin back as a Today item: htchomeplug?

    I liked having icons on the front page to access comm manager, etc...

  14. There are a few different versions of the HTC home plug-in.

    I would suggest you look for them on these 2 forums:


    You'll find all your answers there

  15. All right...After much research and debating, I'm about to take the plunge and wanted to make sure my steps are correct.

    Also, I had to hunt around a lot of different threads to come to this point, so writing it down may help others. For my first flash, I'm planning on just loading DCD's 2.3.2-Verizon kitchen to be safe. I may dabble with my own recipes later. :)

    1. Backup phone contacts, pictures, etc. using PPCPIM Backup. Record MSID from EPST as precautionary measure. I also recorded my MSL just in case.
    2. Unlock phone using Hard SPL-240
    3. Load Radio Rom 3.39 using Micro SD method
    4. In bootloader, install DCD 2.3.2-Verizon Kitchen
    5. Let it boot to OS

    As far as I know, that is all of the major tinkering that needs to be done to prepare the phone. Please let me know if this is correct or if there are any missing steps.

    Also, I read in quite a few threads about people losing data and messaging capabilities. I couldn't figure out the root cause. Did you experience any of these issues in your flash, or do you have any tips or tricks to avoid this problem?

    Thanks for your site and help.

  16. I'd suggest using a newer ROM like the dcd 3.0.4 or the dcd 3.1.2

    However, if you'd rather use the older dcd 2.3.2, go for it.

    Finally, I strongly recommend switching your activation to an older phone, flashing the ROMs, then switching your activation back to your xv6800. This will save many headaches.

  17. Joseph,

    Do you have a direct link to dcd's newer roms? Also if I am running 3.37 on dcd 2.3.2 can I just upgrade the radio to 3.39? Do you have a link for 3.39? If I upgradxe just the radio will it wipe out all my programs on the phone? Thanks in advance.


  18. Your best bet is to look at this forum for the dcd ROM files and instructions: 

  19. I was wondering how you got the data plan for 29$ as I was told when I got my XV6800 back in January that the Blackberry was the only phone eligible for that data plan rate. Just wondering if I am getting screwed over. Thanks.

  20. Verizon just began the $29 for select smartphones. It's a rather new promotion - but it's only for select devices. To be honest, I'm quite surprised that the xv6800 was included in that list since it's already such a popular phone.

  21. Ok, since updating to the new flash and radio. the only things i see different is when i click on the Verizon Wireless icon it does nothing and when i click on unread messages it shows sms/mms, outlook E-mail and setup e-mail. i am fine with it just saying txt, sms and mms. how can i do this please?

    my question about the txt messaging. before when you clicked on no unread messages it would show txt messaging, sms and mms. now i don't see txt messaging. how do i txt now?

    and when i slide the keypad open or closed it doesn't make the sound. so i went to a site and was going to add a sound in but when it tells you to go into the registry i don't see the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HTC\SlidingSound

    i don't see the "slidingsound" location either.

    Lastley when my wife send me picture msgs i don't get them. only getting txt messages?


  22. was this the minisd you had luck with flashing

    I have a mac and need to flash using only the xv6800. My kingston 64mb didn't seem to work using the method on this site.

    The fat32 format checked out but it seemed to stall in the process.

  23. Tom, that looks like the right card to me.

  24. I'm hoping someone can help. I've had this phone for about 4 months. It's increased in a little bug that requires me to remove the battery to do a hard reboot. On the password screen the cursor does a very rapid flash. No matter how many times you enter your password, it won't take more than 3 digits and the cursor resets to space 1 making it physically impossible to enter your password. The only option at this point seems to be a hard reset of battery removal and a 1 min timeout. Is anyone else having this? Needless to say, a very big setback if you need to make an urgent (much less emergency!) call when you can't even get your phone to work! And with the slow startup time of the unit, forget it, it's now several mins before your phone is operational again.

  25. Your best bet is to post this question on the XDA forums.

  26. From Paqsamaquody.....Is there anyone in Everett that could help me install the new ROM and get the GPS working on my Verizon xv6800...Great Blog. i have learned loads but find I cannot do this one alone...LMK