Thursday, June 1, 2017

Augmented reality in medical education

It's truly exciting to see how augmented reality (AR) is becoming incorporated into medical education. While virtual reality (VR) headsets are also gaining some notable traction, I see the use of AR growing much faster. AR interfaces can be built right into the clinical workflow and can even be used at the bedside. People can get a taste of AR using their mobile devices, so they don't need to purchase any sophisticated equipment. So, in addition to providing an enhanced educational experience, the use of AR could also lead to safer procedures and better clinical outcomes, especially for students and trainees.

Here's an example of Case Western Reserve and the Cleveland Clinic using Microsoft HoloLens for medical education:

The Augmented World Expo is happening in California this week and while applications range from gaming to enterprise use, the education sector is rapidly applying AR in very creative ways. From visualizing the invisible to enhancing psychomotor skills, the use of AR is here to take medical education to the next level!

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