Sunday, November 4, 2012

Follow medical education discussions from #AAMC12 #meded

If you have an interest in medical education, make sure to follow the Twitter hashtag #AAMC12 while the Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) 2012 Annual Meeting runs from Nov 2-7 in San Francisco. You don't need to be in SF to follow the conversation. Turn on Twitter and search for #AAMC12

Today, Walter Isaacson who wrote the biography on Steve Jobs spoke to medical students and physicians attending the AAMC Annual Conference. He reminded medical educators that we need to "think different" and focus on innovation if we want to improve medical education.

Joanne Conroy, MD, @JoanneConroyMD Chief Health Care Officer at the Association of American Medical Colleges, tweeted:
  • @WalterIsaacson "education and medicine have not yet been fully disrupted by the digital revolution" #aamc12
  • @WalterIsaacson - Einstein knew how to think outside of the box because he knew what was in the box. #aamc12
  • @WalterIsaacson "must create and environment where not only we innovate, but we encourage others to innovate as well" #aamc12
Vivian Lee, MD, PhD @vivianleemd Dean of the University of Utah School of Medicine and CEO of University of Utah Health Care tweeted:
  • #aamc12 Do medicine & education need disruptive innovation of tech to change? @khanacademy.@erictopol @AAMCtoday @wlaterisaacson say yes.
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