Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Accept the Blue Button Video Challenge #MyBlueBtn

The "Blue Button" is becoming a national concept and symbol for easy, electronic access to your health information. In an effort to increase awareness about the "Blue Button" and to spread Blue Button fever across the nation, we invite you to accept the Blue Button Video Challenge by visiting http://BlueButtonvideo.challenge.gov. The challenge is simple: create a short, < 2 min video that mentions the “Blue Button” and encourages others to learn more about it by visiting www.healthIT.gov/bluebutton.

Many people have never actually thought about the importance of having 24x7 electronic access to their health information such as current medications and drug allergies, claims and treatment data, and lab results. But it can suddenly become incredibly relevant, and potentially life-saving, in case of an emergency and may come in handy if you are traveling, seeing multiple doctors or seeking a second opinion. Being able to "Blue Button" your health data--download and share it with people you trust—can be really useful. Increasingly, you can also plug that health data into mobile apps and other tools that help you to better understand your health, prevent illness, and modify your own behavior in healthy ways. Study after study shows that engaged patients recover more quickly, and stay healthy longer

To learn more about this challenge, please visit: http://BlueButtonVideo.Challenge.gov.

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