Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Health IT for You #HealthIT4U

A new, short animated video for consumers explains how widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and other health information technology (health IT) is giving our health care system a 21st century upgrade: improving the way we communicate with our doctors, making sure health information is available when and where’s it’s needed, and helping us manage our health and wellness outside the doctor’s office. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of health IT and other consumer e-health tools and the value of having secure, electronic access to your health information so you can make sure all your doctors are on the same page and that you get the best care.

This new video is one of several efforts by ONC’s newly created Office of Consumer eHealth to help convey the benefits of health IT and other consumer e-health tools to spur patients and families to ask for electronic access to their health record, and to use technology to better manage their own health or that of a loved one. The goal of the video is to spark conversation with patients and their health care providers about how they can leverage technology to improve their care and to increase awareness about HealthIT.gov—a great resource for patients and families to learn more about health IT, including the benefits, your rights to access your health information, and tools that are available to help you manage your health.

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