Friday, May 18, 2012

Call for Presentations - ATA Fall Forum in New Orleans

ATA (American Telemedicine Association) is seeking innovative presentations on cutting-edge telemedicine applications and the future of remote healthcare. Abstracts accepted through July 1, 2012. To submit an abstract visit

The 2012 Fall Forum is an encore to our our highly-rated 2011 program, and will feature even more great presentations and world-class speakers. We are looking for short talks, two-person dialogues, demonstrations or other inventive presentation formats on a wide range of telemedicine subject areas. Topics might include: a unique approach to delivering telehealth services, a new and better device, a successful way of introducing telemedicine to providers or consumers, a novel way to organize and fund a program, a fresh look at overcoming a barrier.

In 2012, ATA is particularly interested in interview format presentations. If you know someone with an innovative idea for remote healthcare (or if YOU are that person) please consider submitting an Interview abstract.

To submit an abstract visit

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