Thursday, March 29, 2012

On my way to the NextGen:Health conference in NYC

I'm now on my way to NYC for the NextGen:Health conference today. Here is a snapshot of the agenda today and the lineup of exciting speakers:

Dr. Nicholas La Russo/Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation changing the way hospitals learn from their mistakes;
Mayor Cory Booker/Stanford;Oxford;Neward, NJ changing the way cities get healthy;
Dr. John Moore/MIT Media Lab changing the way we use technology in health-as an aide, not an interruption;
Dr. Joseph Ravenell/NYU changing patient recruitment by training barbershops in Harlem to talk to their customers about hypertension, their #1 killer;
Dr. Douglas Drossman/UNC, Rome Foundation, Merck Manual changing how clinicians talk with their patients to capture the real, often hidden reason for the visit;
Dr. Herbert Chase/Columbia + IBM Watson speed up accurate clinical decision making;
Dr. Brian Forrest/AccessHealthcare changing private practice so doctors can spend time with patients and cut overhead in half;
Dr. Brian Forrest/AccessHealthcare changing the way health care faces fear;
Scott Johnson/Myelin Repair Foundation Breaking from the Past to Breakthrough to Cures-Accelerated Collaboration Model
You will also meet four New York Times bestselling authors-
Dr. Jason Hwang/Michigan, The Innovator's Prescription;
Dr. Sandeep Jauhar/NS/LIJ, Intern;
Dr. John Ratey/Harvard, Spark!;
Charles Duhigg/NY Times, The Power of Habit.

See you all in NYC!

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