Wednesday, February 15, 2012

State-mandated physician CME subjects

American Medical News has a nice article summarizing state-mandated physician CME subjects.  Soon, every state may have a requirement around prescribing opioids and other controlled substances.

Here are the current state-mandated physician CME subjects:

California: pain management, geriatric medicine, end-of-life care

Connecticut: infectious disease, risk management, sexual assault, domestic violence, cultural competence

Florida: MDs -- HIV/AIDS, prevention of medical errors, domestic violence; DOs -- HIV/AIDS, state laws and rules, professional and medical ethics, prescribing controlled substances, domestic violence, prevention of medical errors

Iowa: identifying and reporting abuse (for primary care physicians), chronic pain management, end-of-life care

Kentucky: domestic violence (for primary care physicians), HIV/AIDS

Massachusetts: pain management, opioid education (for physicians who prescribe controlled substances), end-of-life care, risk management

Nevada: medical ethics, weapons of mass destruction/bioterrorism, safe injection practices

New Jersey: cultural competency

New York: infection control, child abuse

Oklahoma: DOs -- prescribing controlled substances

Oregon: pain management and/or treatment of the terminally ill

Pennsylvania: patient safety, risk management

Rhode Island: bloodborne pathogens, universal precautions, bioterrorism, end-of-life care, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, medical ethics, pain management, infection control, modes of transmission or palliative care

Tennessee: prescribing controlled substances, pain management (for physicians who provide pain management)

Texas: medical ethics and/or professional responsibility

West Virginia: end-of-life care, pain management

Sources: American Medical Association, Federation of State Medical Boards and individual state medical boards

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