Monday, October 3, 2011

Video: "Insights from the ER"

A new short film, “Insights From the ER” documents Worrell’s design process as the team looks to emergency medicine to inspire a new patient care model that leverages high-end medical care, state of the art wireless technology, and the human touch that is the soul of game-changing design.

The film follows Worrell ethnographic researchers inside helicopters, ambulances, and trauma bays at the front lines of emergency medicine. It captures the ideation process that Worrell engages with its cross-functional team to draw out strategic insights and brainstorm design solutions. The outcome is a new patient care model that proposes a wireless first aid kit equipped with smart diagnostic tools that can help quickly direct patients to appropriate levels of care and avoid unnecessary ER visits—all without leaving home.

Insights from the ER from Worrell Design on Vimeo.

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