Thursday, September 22, 2011

Will the new CEJA report produce changes in the CME industry? Polling results from #AMACME

Here at the AMA Task Force conference, as Dr. William Carey from the Cleveland Clinic delivered the opening keynote, we went through a series of audience response questions evaluating the attitudes of attendees regarding the recent AMA CEJA report titled, "Financial Relationships with Industry in Continuing Medical Education." Here are the results of those audience polling questions:

Will the new CEJA report produce change in the CME industry?
  • No change: 34%
  • Minor change: 56%
  • Major change: 10%

What do you think was the intent of the CEJA report?
  • To eliminate commercial support: 20%
  • To reduce commercial support: 41%
  • Neither: 39%

The ACCME response should be:
  • Leave the current standards of commercial support as is: 55%
  • Make minor adjustments to the standards of commercial support: 31%

You can view the CEJA report here.

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