Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm now attending the Stanford Summit 2011 at Medicine 2.0 #med2

It's great to be on the Stanford campus. I've picked up my conference badge which has my name, my photo, and a QR code. Today is the Stanford Summit and the room is packed! This morning, physicians and patient bloggers were sharing their experiences building online communities of practice and engaging in participatory medicine.

This afternoon, sessions focused on the role of technology in medical education. We're seeing medical schools using technology and computer-based tools. We're seeing the application of virtual environments. Social media is evolving the medical education experience both for students and for practicing professionals.

We also saw presentations from Epocrates, Google (Flu Trends), Quora, and others.

It's also been fun to run into folks from Doximity, Practice Fusion, Epocrates, and other companies. I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend as we kick off Medicine 2.0 tomorrow. Speaking of Medicine 2.0, make sure to mark your calendar for the conference next year at Harvard.

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