Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got a Fitbit tracker here at e-Patient Connections 2011 and I'm entering the QS movement #ePatCon

I'm officially jumping into the Quantified Self (QS) movement with a Fitbit tracker. I want to thank Klick Pharma for handing these out to all the attendees here at e-Patient Connections 2011. KlickPharma is a full-service digital marketing solutions company that specializes in the pharmaceutical space. Attendees here collectively have walked over 70 miles! Klick donated $1,000 to the Society of Participatory Medicine and Sarah Krüg walked up to the stage to pick up the check.

The Fitbit is my first QS device and I'll be using others over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. The Fitbit Tracker shows your real-time activity stats so you know how close you are to your goals. It's with you every step of the day, motivating you to make small changes that add up to big results.

I'm heading to Baltimore to attend the Annual Conference of the National Task Force on CME Provider/Industry Collaboration and I'll be wearing my Fitbit while I'm there.

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