Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am joining the QS (Quantified Self) movement!

After attending the Medicine 2.0 conference at Stanford over the weekend, I decided that I needed to join the Quantified Self (QS) movement. First of all, I love gadgets, so I'm excited about the idea that I'll be wearing a gadget(s) on me all the time so that I can track my biometrics over time.

Are you familiar with the Quantified Self movement? If you've ever worn a heart rate monitor at the gym, then you've had a taste. If you're a patient with diabetes using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), then you probably have a good idea of what QS is all about. Here's a brief description of QS:

Quantified Self is a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking.

Simple, right? QS devices can be useful tools that can motivate you to change your behavior. Join a QS community and gather, inspire, and learn from each other as we share and collaborate on self-tracking projects. Over the next several weeks, I'll be getting my hands on several QS devices and I'll be testing some for short-term and potential long-term application. Stay tuned to hear more and to see how I do as I track my own personal activity over the course of time. I'm doing some traveling this fall, so it'll definitely be interesting to see how much activity I get when I travel for business.

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