Monday, August 8, 2011

Critical Factors of the ICD-10 Conversion

HIMSS Virtual Briefing:
Critical Factors of the ICD-10 Conversion

Date: Wednesday, August 10th
Time: 9 AM Central-3 PM Central

On October 1st, 2013, will you be ready? Ready for the sweeping impact to the ICD-10 conversion process? Ready to ensure that your organization's financial transactions will continue uninterrupted? Ready to affirm that all stakeholders, across the organization, understand the enormity of the ICD-10 conversion? Ready to equip everyone with the critical responsibilities they must accept to achieve success? And, are you ready to assure your Board of Directors that your conversion approach will result in a smooth, complete, and seamless transition?

The conversion to ICD-10 will impact virtually every aspect of the organization. And it's critical that healthcare organizations have the tools and resources and the knowledge to be successful in this transition. The HIMSS ICD-10 Virtual Briefing will provide critical information to assist hospital professionals, ambulatory center leaders, practitioners, and their staff in transitioning to ICD-10. The education provided by our nationally-recognized presenters will explore the critical aspects of this mammoth undertaking: the focus is beyond theory…the focus is on the call to action and what you need to do to be successful across all facets of the conversion. Don't jeopardize your transition efforts…equip your organization with the information you need today.

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