Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Social Media in Pharma Summit starts today

Today is the first day of the Social Media in Pharma Summit.

Pharma IQ is proud to present Social Media in Pharma Summit, the first ever social media online event for the pharmaceutical community.

This interactive online event will bring together an international panel of thought leaders to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities social media presents for the pharmaceutical industry – all of this in a convenient online format.

During the series of webinars, participants can see who is 'logged in' to the event and initiate a private chat to exchange ideas and contact details.

This 100% online event begins July 12 and runs through August 4, 2011.

Just a few of the event highlights:

  • Get a unique behind-the-scenes look at how Facebook fits in Boehringer Ingelhiem’s ‘unstrategy’ and how to stay abreast of technological advancements that will impact your social media strategy
  • Learn the potential risks when a trial patient is actively involved in social media from Pfizer and discuss the potential for convergence between the e-patient and e-participant
  • Learn cross-industry and take advantage of this chance to quiz Texas Instruments on how they unified their social media and created internal guidelines as to how to use social media effectively
  • Gain insights into how NORD and EURORDIS are uniting the rare disease community through social media and meeting the important goals of support and information sharing within a specific rare disease community
  • Explore how future relationships between patient, provider and the government with change from the UK Department Health
  • Are you mobile? Assess the impact of mobile on social media adoption with Shire US and find out what you can do with mobile in Canada from the Commissioner of the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board
  • Looking for buy-in? Learn how to "sell" social media internally with Zimmer

More information here: socialmediainpharma.com

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