Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Epicenter wins the Analyze This! data challenge and $5,000

Today at the Health 2.0 conference in San Diego, Practice Fusion and Windows Azure announced Epicenter, a disease control app, the $5000 winner of the Analyze This! data challenge.

Developer John Schrom, a 26 year old epidemiologist from Minneapolis, built the Epicenter application using Practice Fusion's 15,000 de-identified health records stored in the Windows Azure Datamarket.

"Epicenter allows doctors to benchmark local patient data against a uniform dataset to identify anomalies in real-time," said Schrom. "It would also allow doctors to quickly identify local disease outbreaks, the groups they're occurring in, and then share those high-risk patient profiles with the wider medical community to drive proactive treatment initiatives, more targeted screening and faster warnings."

Datamarket is designed to match information providers with end users and developers. Using Practice Fusion's de-identified data, developers were asked to visualize healthcare trends, find adverse drug reactions, chart chronic disease, mashup the results with other Azure data or build an app.

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