Thursday, February 3, 2011

iHT2 Health IT Summit in San Francisco

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation is the leading organization committed to bringing together private and public sector leaders fostering the growth and effective use of technology across the healthcare industry. Through collaborative efforts the Institute provides programs that drive innovation, educate, and provide a critical understanding of how technology applications, solutions and devices can improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare.

“Healthcare IT & Innovation: New models and practical solutions”
March 22-23
San Francisco

1. Hear from national thought leaders about new models and practical solutions for integrating health IT into the care continuum..

2. Innovation and new technologies are driving improvements in quality, safety, efficiency and productivity.

3. Learn the challenges and solutions associated with Accountable Care Organizations, mobile health, health information exchange and more!

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The mission of the Institute for Health Technology Transformation: to drive improvement and the effective use of technology throughout the continuum of care through education and collaboration among multiple stakeholders.

Technology in-and-of itself will not solve the deep challenges facing our healthcare system nor will it alone ensure more accessible and higher quality care. Realizing the benefits of technology across the healthcare continuum is a complex, under-utilized and often misunderstood process. Stakeholder collaboration underscores the Institute's focus working to ensure technology has a transformative effect at all levels of the healthcare sector.

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation (iHT2) is comprised of corporations and organizations that are committed to realizing the benefits of technology across the healthcare continuum for patients and all stakeholders. Driven by the belief that a better system of healthcare is achievable with more effective use of technology, our supporters are part of an initiative to ensure healthcare fully embraces the benefits technology has to offer.

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