Friday, January 14, 2011

A toast to Independent Activities Period (IAP) at MIT

I look forward to connecting with some MIT graduates in the Philadelphia area as my wife and I toast to IAP tonight:
Each year, MIT10 alumni gather at local watering holes worldwide to ignite the spirit of Independent Activities Period with mingling. Offering a "Toast to IAP" in your city or town connects you with fellow alums who remember the "drink from the fire hose" that the Independent Activities Period can bring. We hope you will embrace the spirit of IAP by joining other MIT graduates of the last ten years to raise a glass as MIT celebrates its 150th Anniversary.
The 150 days of celebration honoring MIT's sesquicentennial expand beyond our campus and are meant to reach a global population. MIT volunteers in communities worldwide are planning special gatherings that bring the spirit of MIT150 to you and help raise the visibility of MIT in your region.

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