Friday, January 28, 2011

CME and the evolving health care system #acme2011

I am in San Francisco attending the Alliance for CME annual conference. Today, I listed to an interesting discussion looking at the health care system and the world of CME.

We are seeing two major system changes:

On the macro level, we see a movement towards ACOs. There is a greater level of accountability that is sweeping across the healthcare system.

On the micro level, we are seeing more PCMHs. Care coordination. More value. Less waste.

Our current system is broken, isn't it? How can a primary care physician keep up with so many different problems in a five-minute visit?

There are three major transformations:

1. Care is becoming continuous rather than episodic
2. Care becomes proactive rather than reactive
3. Patients become activated for self-management

The chronic care model is becoming the continuous care model. Patients will be the ones to construct their own medical homes.

So, as the world of health care continues to evolve, how will the CME world evolve? We will probably see the focus shifting towards prevention, systems improvement, behavior change, health coaching, the effective use of technology, patient empowerment, etc.

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