Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hospitals Ready to Meet Some Components of Meaningful Use

HIMSS Analytics introduces ongoing analysis of hospitals’ capability to meet meaningful use requirements, with 9.61 percent of participating hospitals indicating they have the capability to achieve 12 core measures for these new rules

CHICAGO (November 15, 2010) – As healthcare organizations strive to meet the requirements of meaningful use, preliminary data from HIMSS Analytics indicate that the 687 hospitals responding to the survey have the ability to meet both core and menu requirements for Stage 1 of meaningful use. The final rules designate a “core” group of requirements that must be met, plus an additional “menu” of procedures from which providers may choose, according to the government announcement on meaningful use.

Rather than provide a single data snapshot, HIMSS Analytics released this preliminary data, which is statistically significant at a 99 percent confidence level and a 5 percent margin of error, as the first step in its ongoing study of the progress of healthcare organizations to meet meaningful use. Each quarter, beginning January 2011, HIMSS Analytics will release updated data and analysis on meaningful use compliance for healthcare organizations.

HIMSS Analytics, recognized for its annual analysis of health IT implementations at more than 5,000 US, non-federal hospitals, added questions on meaningful use to its annual survey of US hospitals before the final rules were announced. Thus, the data reports on 12 of the 14 core and eight of the 10 menu requirements, since not all of the final requirements were initially included in the questions.

Other findings in this initial data set (detailed in Figure 1 and Figure 2) from HIMSS Analytics include:

· Nearly one quarter (22 percent) of participating hospitals have the capability to achieve 10 or more of the required core measures in the meaningful use Stage 1 requirements.
· Some 34 percent of respondents have the capability to achieve between five and nine of the core measures for meaningful use.
· Just over 40 percent (40.47 percent) of the market indicated they have the capability to meet five or more of the menu items for meaningful use.

““Our data indicate that hospitals have the capability now to meet some of the requirements for meaningful use, which is significant in the lead up to the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs because they indicate that healthcare organizations continue to move toward implementation of health IT,” says John P. Hoyt, FACHE, FHIMSS, Executive Vice President, HIMSS. “HIMSS Analytics will continue to monitor these trends as we track hospital readiness to meet Stage 1 deadlines for achieving meaningful use.”

Watch for updated information on the HIMSS website; updated data will be released each quarter beginning in January 2011.


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  1. This is bad-to-worst news: only 9.6% of respondents can meet 12 of the core criteria...which means AT MOST 9.6% are ready for MU. Some of those 9.6% may be unprepared for 5 Menu set objectives as required (60% of hospitals surveyed are not). The report doesn't say. Also, some of the 9.6% ready for 12 of the Core objectives may not be ready for the 2 Core objectives not asked about. HIMSS can't say, because it didn't ask. The *worst* news, as I see it, is this: *Of the Objectives for MU, 22% and 33% of Hospitals Could Meet ZERO Cores, and ZERO from the Menu Set, Respectively.*