Monday, November 29, 2010

7 weight loss strategies for the holidays

I know that a number of people will be feasting this holiday season. I'm already stuffed from all the turkey (and non-turkey foods) that I ate over the weekend. I felt like I was going from one party to another. Now, my BMI is going up and my pants won't fit.

Are there any practical weight loss strategies for the holidays? Perhaps you've picked up some weight loss books. Some ideas may seem radical and others may sound like they're simply not going to work.

Here are 7 practical tips that can help you lose some weight this holiday season:
  1. Minimize alcoholic beverage and soda consumption. Replace them with water or unsweetened beverages. Most people don't think about the number of calories that are in an alcoholic beverage. A glass of wine may have 100 to 150 calories.
  2. Set aside some extra time to exercise in the mornings and evenings. You're probably going to eat more than your normal amount as you get surrounded by snacks, treats, and good food at parties.
  3. Make it a point to walk and to take the stairs. If you're shopping this holiday season, park away from the door. Walk around the mall several times. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes just to walk briskly.
  4. Drink a few glasses of water before you start eating at a party. When you're at a party, you'll be tempted with all types of goodies. Drink a couple of glasses of water before you start eating (as long as you're not on any type of water restriction for health reasons). 
  5. Eat slowly. We have a tendency to eat too quickly and our body doesn't have time to tell us that we're full. Eat slowly and drink plenty of water between your courses.
  6. When you're at a buffet, choose vegetables over meat dishes. You're probably getting plenty of meat in your diet. Avoid those high-calorie foods, especially foods that are fried.
  7. Finally, we have to talk about sweets and desserts. We all have our weaknesses. I love chocolate. If you're going to eat a dessert, cut it in half, and eat only half a portion per day. This way, you still get to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you'll also be watching your caloric intake.
These principles may seem rather simple, but that's the only way you'll be able to keep off the weight. Weight loss is a matter of calories in vs. calories out. Exercise regularly, avoid those late-night meals, and control your portions.

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  1. The tips are very helpful to reduce weight.Thanks for the tips.