Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flashlight tour of the Mütter Museum (medical museum in Philadelphia)

My wife and I love going to the Mütter Museum (we're both doctors, so we can appreciate a skull collection). Have you ever wondered what the Mütter Museum looks like in the dark?

Now is your chance to find out!

Go on a Flashlight Tour of the Mütter Museum, available exclusively to members of the Friends of the Mütter Museum!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 7PM and 8:30PM

Register here.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is the oldest medical society & the oldest steward of American Medicine, and is regarded as the “Birthplace of American Medicine”SM, offering insight into medicine’s past, present and future.

Our specimens, book collections, archives, personal journals and ephemera are more relevant today than ever – attracting more visitors and users of our collections and facilities than ever before in our history.

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