Tuesday, August 24, 2010

$191,401 primary care salary?

Time.com has a story titled, "Primary Care Doctors: Saying No To $191,000 A Year." They're quoting the latest MGMA salary report by saying:
In 2009, primary care doctors earned a median salary of $191,401, according to the Medical Group Management Association's 2010 Physician Compensation Report.
I don't know many primary care physicians who will tell you that $191,401 sounds like an accurate representation of "median salary." Then again, many PCPs are doing things to supplement their income these days. Some perform cosmetic procedures. Others work as medical directors of nursing homes. Some primary care providers perform many procedures in the office, so they're probably making more than $191,401. Others are seeing such a high volume of patients each day just to keep up with their overhead.

Given that the average medical student graduates with over $200,000 in student loans, salary becomes an important consideration for every medical student who needs to select a medical or surgical specialty. Given all these recent discussions regarding health care reform, there seem to be more medical students who believe that primary care compensation will increase over time (and compensation for specialists will decrease). Those who believe this seem to be more willing to consider careers in primary care.

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  1. One word of advise, SPECIALIZE or have NO QUALITY of LIFE!

    Don't say you weren't forewarned.