Friday, July 30, 2010

AmericanEHR Partners

Have you heard of  AmericanEHR Partners? Here's some info from their website:

AmericanEHR Partners is a web-based resource for EHR system selection/implementation developed by the American College of Physicians and Cientis Technologies. As physicians are experiencing increasing pressure to adopt and use electronic health record systems (EHRs), this new resource will help physicians as they face the intimidating task of selecting and implementing a system. AmericanEHR Partners is a free, web-based resource for all practices and their office teams to help in this process. The AmericanEHR Partners replaces ACP’s previous EHR Partners Program.

AmericanEHR Partners allows you to compare certified EHR systems to find the system that best suits your needs. There are many interactive tools, educational materials, and podcasts to assist practices in their research, including:
  • The EHR Readiness Assessment Tool will help you and your practice assess a number of critical areas and gauge the effort and commitment required to make EHR adoption easier and more successful.
  • EHR Comparison Engine & Rating System, based on selected specialty and other search criteria, helps practices evaluate and compare products and user ratings.
  • An automated RFI to send to vendors once you have narrowed your choices down.
  • An interactive physician community for sharing user experiences.
  • An EHR Blog where guest bloggers will be invited to post about the HIT industry and other timely technology topics.
  • A biweekly EHR Educational Newsletter
  • Specialty and sub-specialty society specific information and resources
  • Educational resources and podcasts
The AmericanEHR Partners does not endorse or indicate a preference for any EHR system. The goal is to provide unbiased information on all of the participating EHR vendors.

AmericanEHR Partners strives to create a credible, professional and relevant resource for physicians and healthcare professionals to use in their search and implementation of an EHR system.


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