Thursday, July 8, 2010

ACCME Releases Annual Report Data 2009

The ACCME (ACCME®) has released the Annual Report Data 2009, providing an in-depth view of the size and scope of the CME enterprise nationwide. The report include statistics on CME program revenue, funding, numbers of participants and format of educational activities. The 2009 ACCME Annual Report Data marks the 12th year the ACCME has been collecting and analyzing information for accredited providers, and offers more than a decade-long perspective on the growth of the CME system.

The report includes information from 707 ACCME accredited providers, who reported producing more than 95,000 activities in 2009 that drew more than 17 million participants. The report also includes information on 1,518 local providers accredited by state and territory medical societies that are Recognized as accreditors by the ACCME. State-accredited providers reported producing more than 48,000 activities, drawing more than 4 million participants.

Read the 2009 Annual Report Data.

Read previous years' reports.

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