Thursday, May 6, 2010

More docs interested in leaving clinical medicine

The other night, I attended a social function and I was in a room full of over 70 physicians who were seriously interested in finding an alternative physician career.   Some of these physicians found out about the Executive Health Resources (EHR) event through my site

Why do you think physicians are choosing to leave clinical medicine? Is it burnout or stress?  Some may be interested in different compensation models. Others may want a better work/life balance. There are so many different reasons why physicians may choose to leave clinical medicine and pursue alternative medical careers.  A large percentage of physicians don't know what they could do if they were to leave clinical medicine. These are the ones who frequently benefit from some professional career coaching.

If you're thinking about a career change or if you're interested in part-time opportunities where you can generate supplemental income, then you'll find some valuable information on

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