Friday, May 28, 2010

Implications of Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Navicure is sponsoring a complimentary webinar about consumer-driven healthcare. I'll post a link of the archived webinar when it becomes available. In the meanwhile, I'd like us to consider how consumer-driven healthcare will change the way providers do business.

The upcoming webinar will address these points:

    * The importance of quality, pricing and patient satisfaction as it relates to consumer-driven healthcare.
    * How consumer-driven healthcare impacts your bottom line.
    * Strategies for providers to increase patient collections at the point of service.

As healthcare undergoes reform on this country, will consumers become more empowered so they can make informed medical decisions? Will health insurance plans converge and look very similar, or will we still live in a world filled with HMOs, PPOs, and other types of managed care plans. What will happen to CDHPs or consumer-directed health plans and health savings accounts or HSAs? Will we see greater momentum with health insurance exchanges? The health insurance marketplace is definitely changing and I'm curious to see how this industry evolves as reform takes place in this country. The public option will create competition, so how will private insurers react?

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