Monday, May 17, 2010

Health Literacy & the Medicaid Population

Patient education and communication is so vital to effective disease management. When we think about the Medicaid population, we often lump that group into a bucket of people who may have limited health literacy. If that's the case, how can physicians improve communication about health education? How well do your patients understand the importance of adhering to therapy? Do you naturally assume that most of your patients have a high level of health literacy?

Krames Patient Education has a free webinar coming up titled, "Health Literacy & Your Medicaid Population: Ensuring Health Materials Have Maximum Impact." Here's a snippet that describes what the speaker plans to cover:
The majority of Americans cannot read or understand health care information and recent studies have shown Medicaid patients with low reading skills had higher medical costs, more hospitalizations, fewer primary care physician visits, and poorer compliance with their physician’s advice than those with a higher reading ability. This FREE webinar will provide you with the tools to evaluate, choose and execute effective health education programs that will meet the needs of this population.
In about 45 minutes you’ll learn:

    * How to answer the ROI question in the absence of outcomes data
    * How to measure your materials using the Suitability Assessment of Materials scale
    * What to consider when implementing a member health communication program
    * Hear best practices from your colleagues

To register for this upcoming webinar, click here.

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