Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kroll-HIMSS Analytics on Security of Patient Data

Interested in learning more about patient data security?  Kroll Fraud Solutions has some free resources that can help. First, there's a webcast coming up on April 15 called the "Kroll-HIMSS Analytics 2010 Webcast on Security of Patient Data." The webcast will cover:
  • Patient data security practices in place
  • Patient data safety risks
  • Resources allocated to patient data safety, and costs associated with data breaches
Here are the webcast presenters:
* Jennifer K. Horowitz, MA, CPHIMS, Senior Director of Research, HIMSS Analytics
* Lisa A. Gallagher, BSEE, CISM, Senior Director, Privacy and Security, HIMSS
* Brian Klepper, Managing Principal, Healthcare Performance, Inc.
* Brian Lapidus, Chief Operating Officer, Kroll's Fraud Solutions

Click here to learn more about the webcast.

Kroll has also recently published a report called the "2010 HIMSS Analytics Report: Security of Patient Data." The 2010 HIMSS Analytics Report indicates that a false sense of security among healthcare providers – brought on by new regulations and increased compliance – is causing organizations to overlook critical gaps in policies and procedures that put patient data at risk. The report, which surveys healthcare organizations nationwide, was commissioned by Kroll Fraud Solutions.

Key findings of the 2010 report include:
  •  New regulatory activity, including the implementation of the Red Flags Rule and HITECH Act, has created a false sense of security among healthcare organizations that their facilities are secure and prepared should a breach occur.
  •  Healthcare organizations continue to underestimate the high costs of a data breach, despite new industry data which puts the average cost per industry data breach at $6.75 million.
  •  Healthcare organizations continue to think of data security in specific silos (IT, employees, etc.) and not as an organization-wide responsibility, which creates unwanted gaps in policies and procedures.
Kroll Fraud Solutions is a leading provider of data protection and identity theft response services.

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