Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The CME Community in Twenty-Ten: Issues and Opportunities

Today, I attended an educational webinar titled, "The CME Community in Twenty-Ten: Issues and Opportunities." This session was organized by North American Association of Medical Education and Communication Companies, Inc., (NAAMECC). Given all the recent discussions revolving around health care reform and the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, how will the CME industry get affected? We will probably see more efforts focused around comparative effectiveness research and the development of biogenerics could make a huge impact on the biotechnology industry. As each US state creates its own

This activity has been developed with the input of course faculty members, working together with members of NAAMECC’s Program Committee and Board of Directors.
Moderated by:
John Kamp, JD
Of Counsel, Wiley Rein, LLP
Executive Director, Coalition for Healthcare Communication
Panel Members:
Tom Sullivan
President and Founder Rockpointe, Corporation
Founder, Policy and Medicine
Marissa Seligman, PharmD
Chief, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Office,
M|C Holdings Corporation
SVP, pmiCME, LLC (previously Pri-Med Institute)
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