Monday, April 19, 2010

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)

What do you know about antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)? I don't recall learning about them in medical school. You probably haven't either. However, I'm sure that most oncologists have heard of ADCs.

Genentech (now a member of the Roche Group), is researching ADCs because this therapeutic option may have the potential to treat cancer and improve patients’ lives. I'm now quoting from a commerical website (
An ADC is a unique combination of a precise and targeted monoclonal antibody, a stable linker, and a potent cytotoxic and is designed to more selectively kill cancer cells while minimizing effects on normal tissue.
Will research surrounding ADCs lead to a cure for cancer? I think that most experts will agree that the future of cancer therapy will significantly revolve around targeted biologic agents and small molecules. If you're thinking about a research career, it's probably a good time to be a molecular biologist who also has extensive knowledge about nanotechnology. 

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