Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pharma reps with iPads instead of tablet PCs?

The Apple iPad is the latest trendy topic in the world of mobile technology. Will pharmaceutical drug reps knock on physician offices equipped with an iPad instead of a tablet PC? After all, this would give them another opportunity to have an engaging conversation about the latest in technology.

I can just imagine the conversation now:
  • Drug rep: Hi doctor! Can I spend a few minutes and go through my e-detailing piece with you?
  • Doctor: Sure. Wait, is that an iPad? Can I see that thing? Forget the e-detailing. I want to try out your iPad.
Very productive, yes? At least your bag will be lighter if you're carrying an iPad instead of a tablet PC. If you're interested in "How the iPad could change healthcare marketing," then make sure to read this piece by Kerry Hilton, president and CEO of HC&B Healthcare Communications.

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