Monday, March 8, 2010

My top 5 Android medical apps

If you're thinking switching to an Android smartphone, do you know which medical apps are currently available for Android? Make sure to read this:

Don't forget to follow my other popular site: If you're using an Android smartphone, then you've probably discovered that the list of professional medical apps is relatively short compared to the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and even BlackBerry. This trend will change dramatically this year as more medical app developers and publishers release medical apps for Android. Here's my current list of "top 5Android medical apps" (this list will probably change in a few months):
  1. Epocrates (currently in public beta, but soon to be released)
  2. Skyscape Android Reader (plus, the entire list of books and references)
  3. Unbound Medicine (plus, the entire list of books and references)
  4. UpToDate (via mobile web browser)
  5. QxMD (calculators and pregnancy wheel)
When it comes to specific books and references, I would suggest the following:
  • 5-Minute Clinical Consult
  • Davis's Drug Guide 
  • Taber's Medical Dictionary
  • Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests 
I realize that we're going to see many new medical apps arriving in the next few months, so stay tuned and make sure to follow this blog for the latest updates.

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