Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HP Digital Hospital (learn about it here at #HIMSS10)

I heard a great example today of how the HP Digital Hospital Infrastructure can be used to automate several critical steps in the clinical workflow when an OB/GYN prepares a patient for emergent C-section by pushing a single button. If you haven't heard of the HP Digital Hospital Infrastructure, here's a brief description from the HP website:
In a digital hospital, systems and people communicate real time information, improving responsiveness, accuracy and ultimately patient care. Healthcare professionals can receive messages and alerts on their wireless devices about new lab results, outcomes of radiology exams, patient monitoring information, and the location of critical equipment. A digital hospital can extend services beyond its physical boundaries creating a better healthcare experience for the community.
You can learn about the HP Digital Hospital Infrastructure by visiting the HP booth here at HIMSS10 or by visiting this link. The exhibit hall here is absolutely HUGE and you can easily get lost if you forget where you are (Hall B or Hall C). The Georgia World Congress Center is really huge and I'm probably exceeding my 10,000 steps fitness requirement each day.

Special thanks to HP for sponsoring me to attend and blog here at HIMSS10.

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