Thursday, March 25, 2010

Being married to a physician

I'm married to a practicing family physician. Given that I have a non-clinical career, my life is quite different compared to her life. I don't see patients. I don't write prescriptions. I don't answer phone calls in the middle of the night. I don't make home visits. I don't need to round in the hospital. I don't worry about malpractice. I don't deal with insurance companies. I don't need to tell anyone they have cancer. I don't need to worry about misdiagnosis. I don't need to think about drug-drug interactions. I don't need to perform bedside procedures. I don't need to solve medical mysteries. I don't need to worry about how the new health care reform bill will impact my practice. I don't need to think about cash or concierge practice models. I don't need to select an electronic health record. I don't need to worry about "meaningful use" and the HITECH Act.

However, since she gets to do all those things, I get to still be a part of that side of clinical medicine. In some ways, it almost feels like I never left the patient's bedside. That's life when you're married to a physician.

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