Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dr. Joseph Kim - guest on ReachMD

If you've been listening to ReachMD lately, maybe you heard me talking about the recent Alliance for CME conference or sharing my thoughts about the Apple iPad.

If you have a satellite radio, maybe you've listed to ReachMD on XM Radio 160. Here's a little description of ReachMD:
ReachMD, an innovative communications company, provides thought-provoking medical news and information to healthcare practitioners. Established to help increasingly time-constrained medical providers stay abreast of new research, treatment protocols and continuing education requirements, ReachMD delivers innovative and informative radio programming via XM Satellite Radio Channel 160 and online streaming developed by doctors for doctors.
I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on ReachMD and I look forward to having more opportunities in the future to talk about various topics that relate to my blogs. If you haven't explored ReachMD, I'd encourage you to try by visiting or by turning your satellite radio to XM Radio 160. You can also try the ReachMD iPhone app.

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