Monday, January 4, 2010

Hoping to catch up on Twitter in the New Year

I admit that I've invested less time in Twitter over the past few months. Last fall, I was very busy. My wife and I had a new baby and life just got absolutely crazy! However, as I enter the New Year, I hope to re-invest time and energy into using Twitter to grow and develop social networks. I believe that Twitter can be used to improve health care communications among health care professionals and patients/consumers. Therefore, I want to play my role to enhance the communication of important health messages to all my followers.

Speaking of Twitter followers, when I began seriously using Twitter in early 2009, I had less than 20 followers. Now, I have many more people following my 4 blogs on Twitter. Thanks to all my followers for retweeting links (RT @DrJosephKim)  and supporting my sites! Wishing everyone "happy Twitter wishes" in the New Year!

1 comment:

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