Thursday, January 21, 2010

DTC television ads driving consumers to pharma websites

Manhattan research recently conducted some market research studies to see how direct-to-consumer or DTC ads were impacting website traffic to pharmaceutical websites. The findings are from a report titled, "ePharma Consumer® v9.0" and it focuses on the attitudes and behaviors of consumers researching prescription drug information online.

Top Pharma Product Sites in Terms of Percentage of Traffic Driven by DTC Television Ads: 
  1. NuvaRing
  2. Latisse
  3. Cialis
  4. Boniva
  5. Abilify
  6. Gardasil
  7. Yaz
  8. Viagra
  9. Levitra
  10. Lunesta
"In today's multi-channel world, marketing initiatives must be designed to work together for optimal results," says Meredith Ressi, Vice President of Research at Manhattan Research. "While the television ad is critical to building awareness, for many patients, the Internet is a next stop for learning more before going on to speak to their physician about a product."
Noticing a theme? How many of the products listed above deal with sexual health? I count six out of ten (some may argue that Gardasil is in a different category).  I think we can be sure that we'll be seeing more ads on TV that focus on sexuality and sexual health. Just watch the Super Bowl and you'll see.

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