Friday, December 11, 2009

Patient accused of shooting and killing Kentucky doctor

This a very sad story. According to several news sources, a patient allegedly shot and killed a physician in Kentucky. Kentucky state police said John C. Combs, 46, was arrested for allegedly shooting Dr. Dennis Sandlin, 57, Tuesday morning at the Leatherwood-Blackey Clinic.

The short version is that the patient supposedly asked for some narcotic pain medications and was refused. He made some treats to the doctor, and then returned and shot the doctor.
A Perry County sheriff's deputy said Combs had asked for narcotics but was required to give a urine sample, which he refused to do. "From that point, he got real angry, he just went crazy, and he made a threat he was going to come back and blow up the building," said Sam Mullins, who responded when the clinic called about the threat.
Wow, this is quite a shocking story. In the past, there were times when I refused to give narcotics to patients who demanded them. Some are drug seeking. Some are addicted. Some sell the drugs on the street. Some abuse it for pleasure.
Dr. Sandlin graduated from the University of Louisville medical school and had been a doctor in Kentucky since 1978. His practice focused on older patients with chronic illnesses and he was active in Hospice.
My heart goes out to Dr. Sandlin's family and friends.

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