Sunday, December 13, 2009

Growth in nursing jobs

We seem to see ads for nursing jobs everywhere. If you type "nursing jobs" into an Internet search engine like Google or Yahoo, you'll see a variety of ads mixed with your search results. People are going back to school to pursue nursing jobs. After all, isn't the health care industry more stable compared to the business world? I'm sure we all know many non-clinicians who are going back to school to pursue health care careers such as nursing. The irony is that I also work with physicians who are planning on transitioning to non-clinical careers and several of them are thinking about graduate degrees in business, public health, and informatics. Some of these graduate degree programs are available online, so you can work and go to school at the same time. Are you willing to work full-time and take courses part-time? That's one way of going back to school while maintaining your income.

Maybe you've thought about going back to school. Maybe you're thinking about it right now. Are you looking at full-time programs? Part-time? Online? I know business executives who are applying to part-time nursing schools. Some are taking courses online. I also know other business executives interested in various part-time and full-time health care programs in pharmacy and medicine. Are you thinking about a career change? Maybe you should think about going back to school.

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