Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pregnancy and H1N1

This flu season is going to be a very difficult one for patients and health care providers. There's a story on CNN about how a pregnant mother and her pregnant daughter are both battling H1N1. Nancy Brizendine, 42, and her daughter Kayla Yost, 22, are both pregnant and had H1N1. It's no surprise since Brizendine works as a medical assistant. Health care professionals are getting exposed every day to the possible risk of swine flu infection. It's a scary reality, but as this virus permeates society and spreads throughout the world, a significant percentage of clinicians will get sick.

The most important point to this story is prevention. We must exercise the highest level of vigilance to protect ourselves and others from infection. If you're not in the habit of routinely washing your hands, get into the habit. If you don't have easy access to soap and water, then get some anti-microbial gel. Healthy people are dying because of H1N1 and we must do our part to protect ourselves and the public.

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