Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How will health care reform impact your job satisfaction?

If you're a health care professional involved in direct patient care, how will the proposed health care reform impact your level of job satisfaction? My wife is a primary care physician and we often talk about how a reformed health care system would impact her practice. Would you be more inclined to leave clinical medicine to pursue a non-clinical career?

I have met so many disgruntled physicians who feel "trapped" by their career. They can't imaging doing anything else. They don't know how they can make a career transition and they can't afford to take huge risks.

How closely are you following the discussion on health care reform? Even if you hate politics, it's very important to understand what's being proposed. It's not just about Medicare or the Public Option. It's not just about managed care companies and denied coverage. Perhaps all the recent discussions have renewed your writing passions as you draft letters to your senators. Perhaps you've recognized that you have a passion for health policy and politics. Maybe you're seeing the forest instead of the trees and you're planning to pursue a career in public health.

I've noticed that I can't see the trees anymore. For me, it's mostly about the forest. Blame that on my MPH. When we compare population health against individual health, we can't deny that our nation needs a new health care system. I just don't know that we've identified the right way to approach this problem yet.

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