Monday, October 26, 2009

Swim for fitness

Our new home has a pool in the backyard. Since we just moved in, we didn't get a chance to use it. However, I'm excited to use the pool next summer and I can't open to get in there and get back into swimming shape. Right now, I still get to exercise at the gym several times each week. The gym has a nice pool, but it gets crowded so it's hard to swim laps without bumping into people. There are times when I wished that we had a Swim Spa in our home. We're already spoiled by an outdoor pool, but we can't use that pool in the winter (I'm not a polar bear!). I actually jumped into a New England ocean in January with several other people, but that was a long time ago.

Indoor Swim Spas are great to have because you can use them throughout the year and still get your swimming exercise. There's nothing like using a water treadmill for some great indoor exercise. One of the main reasons why I enjoy swimming is because it's a great way to exercise multiple muscles in a short amount of time. My wife has been talking about expanding her medical practice and she may eventually add some physical and occupational therapists. I'm hoping that she will also invest in some aquatic therapy equipment.

So how do you stay in shape during the winter? It's often too cold to go running or biking outside. Unless you belong to a gym, it can be difficult to exercise effectively in the cold weather. I'm glad that I can do some exercises at home and I'm looking forward to the warm weather so that I can use my outdoor pool.

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