Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you Google physicians?

Whether you're a healthcare professional or a patient, do you use Google or other Internet search engines to look up physician names? What happens when you type your own name into Google?

People used to have much more privacy before the days of the Internet. Now, anyone can "be out there" if they're tech-savvy enough to set up a web page or a blog. If you have a rather unusual name, then it's easier than ever to market yourself on a search engine. If you have a very common name (I'm a perfect example: Joe Kim), then it may be more difficult to market your presence on the Internet unless you're very intentional and deliberate about your efforts.

I find that many patients look up their physicians on Google. They even use Facebook (often pressured by their kids to be "cool" - but don't add me as your friend mom/dad!) - so you must be cautious when using social media outlets and posting personal pictures, videos, and stories. As more physicians leverage social media and put themselves "out there" on the Internet, they must use caution and discernment so that they avoid trouble like this example: Facebook misconduct by medical students

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  1. I Google virtually everyone that contacts me about business or work opportunities or I ask to provide services to me, my business or my family. I would definitely Google a new healthcare provider before an appointment. For a physician I would do a general Google search and a Google news search.